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SoBolly Partner Workshops

Next Workshop

Sunday 1st October

10.30am to 12pm

Danceworks Studio 

Balderton Street, London

Learn Dhindhora Bhaje Re

with Yoshi & Raimu


Join Us

Bollywood is about love, passion and companionship! This class is an opportunity to experience Bollywood in its truest form - as a duo! 

Whether dancing with your partner, friend, colleague, fellow-Bollywood-junkie, join us for 1.5 hours of filmy partner choreography! 

General, everyone welcome! 

Booking Options:
Come as a pair for £25, or purchase an individual ticket for £15.


Book Now

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Can I bring along a friend?
YES! The class is for you and plus one to experience the fun
of all things Bollywood. AND we especially encourage LGBTQIA+ couples. 

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes you can dance in. P.s always bring along a water bottle ;)

Do I have to have dance experience to come?
No! Our classes are designed for all abilities whether you have danced for years and years or just want to try out something for the first time for fun or have this class be a date night idea. 

How long is the class?

90 minutes! We'll start at 10.30am and finish at 12pm. 

What if I don’t have a plus one but still want to come?

You absolutely can! All of the instructors used to dance together and we know sometimes how intimidating dance classes can be. That’s why we want to encourage you to have this experience with a special someone. Whoever they may be! The dance routine will have partner work, which an instructor can step in for with you but will also have plenty of solo dance moments for you to feel like an ITEM GIRL, HERO BHAI or just Royalty. If you have no one to bring, we will pair you with another attendee on the day itself!

How much does it cost?
The class costs £25 per couple or £15 for individual.

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